Why Exelle Solar

Delivering Cost Effective Energy Solutions

Mission Statement

To deliver the highest standards of excellence in solar PV engineering, through power plant designs that generate the most power at lowest lifetime cost. To develop innovative solutions that increase the use and value of renewable and sustainable energy resources throughout the world

Exelle Solar deliver the latest technology smart solar energy solutions

We are driven to providing optimized solar energy solutions to meet the needs of industrial, commercial and utility customers worldwide. We provide comprehensive one stop solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of solar power plants, including development and finance, EPC and O&M services. By constantly developing innovative solar technologies and tailored financial solutions, Exelle Solar are creating smart energy solutions that maximize value, mitigate risk and optimize the Levelized Cost of Electricity

Rigorous Project Management

We have established world's best practice systems, significant project management tools and due diligence risk assessment processes which enable us to maximize opportunities and drive projects to a propitious completion. We strive to minimize risks, the goal being to ensure optimal returns on investment and dependability of supply.

Maximize Energy & Returns

Operations and maintenance are critical to optimizing a power plant's revenue and efficiency. Optimal operation and diligent maintenance are essential to ensuring that a solar plant remains profitable and dependable throughout the lifecycle. Ongoing optimizations and advanced diagnostics are applied to maintain the safety, reliability and profitability of your investment, delivering a dependable flow of the lowest cost energy while returning a solid stream of earnings.

Services Portfolio


Exelle Solar have assisted energy markets worldwide to meet their commitment in eliminating carbon emissions while minimizing costs

Following decades of photovoltaic components manufacture and development, Exelle Solar have become leaders at providing modularized solar system solutions, tailoring energy replacement solutions based on specific customer needs. Exelle Solar products and solutions have earned the trust and recommendation of hundreds of solar energy providers and consumers around the world.

We Look After Your Yield

Diligent operations management are fundamental to ensuring that a solar plant remains a profitable, long term investment. World's best practice demands more than maintenance. Revisions and modifications are essential to preventing faults and keeping your plant performing at its best. With our operations and technology experience, Exelle Solar place a priority on supporting a reliable operation that continuously generates solid earnings and comfortably meets or surpasses expectations.