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™ Stock and PLU items and stock/ cost control

Just in time inventory? Exelle will install the systems which deliver a real time flow of information, showing where and for how long. Barcodes and scanner systems which provide tracking details and preserve integrity. Growth through efficiency and surety of provenance.

Exchange commodities and data through digital networks | Secure payments and transactions
| Niche-specific stock management systems | Overview and accountability

Software & Programming For Business and Government, Community and Enterprise

The Exelle team are specialists at the installation of dynamic, information based software and hardware ecosystems. Reliable payment gateways and smart transactional contracts, which establish interconnectivity and ensure seamless functionality.

Prices Up | Prices Down

Significant solutions for distribution and logistics

The Exelle Team™ construct B2B markets and develop ordering systems that are fast, efficient and user friendly to the customer, as well as the proprietor. Exelle define logical, tailored to suit solutions, for the business operator to manage their assets and to command full control of their accounts.

Server connectivity | Defined levels of access | Remote Access to Data Systems

Autonomous, user friendly systems which streamline the sourcing of inventory for industry and government. Exelle install fast, cleanly operating digital biospheres which enable enterprise to command and control the full scope of operations. We specialize in crafting a seamless experience for your staff, your supply chain and your partners, We remain on standby to support our clients via 24/7 telephone support.

Smarter gateways

Communicate quietly and seamlessly with your clients, partners and service providers

Leveraging the synergies between all your assets to optimise automation and reduce manual processes are what we do best. We take a keen interest in unlocking the value within your enterprise, by integrating dependable components and applying state of the art technologies.

We're Embedded

The Exelle™ Team are committed to delivering the standard of excellence which is at the heart of every auspicious ecosystem. We specialize in crafting a seamless experience for each node at every level of your enterprise.